About me

“Yo vengo de Hungría, yo vengo de Hungría, con mi caravana buscando la vida”

Hi everyone,

My story starts on the 29th of February 2008: the day I took a plane and moved from Budapest to Madrid. With all my savings  hidden in a bag of tissues (a thousand euros…), I wanted to find out whether the burning love I felt was true love or just a flame that may be put out by the next big wind (says the Hungarian saying). So I moved to Madrid, and started my life with Anto.

I first heard about flamenco when he played songs of Camarón in our tiny flat in Lavapiés, but I only started to find more interest when we went to see Sara Baras dance in her show ‘Carmen’.  In my new Madrid life I soon found myself with plenty of free time in the evenings. I was interested in flamenco and in ballet at that time, but I knew little about both. So I asked my sister-in-law, Candela -who knew both  art forms well- what should I do. Shall I start taking flamenco lessons or sign up for beginner’s ballet? Most politely she said that starting ballet at the age of 25 may not result in much success, but I might enjoy flamenco. So I signed up for classes in ‘El Horno’ in Tirso de Molina and started to learn about compás, contratiempo, moving my arms and legs in different directions at the same time…

Years passed by since those hot afternoons in ‘El Horno’. I have listened to lots of flamenco since, have been to many concerts, participated in many classes learning to dance alegrías, bulerías and tangos (or tried at least…) and my admiration and love for flamenco is still going strong.

I would like to share my passion for flamenco with all of you out there who still read blogs and are interested.