London Flamenco Festival is back

Flamenco Festival is back in London this summer!

Between 21 June and 2 July, there will be 12 different shows in Sadler’s Wells Theatre and the Lilian Baylis Studio.

Many of the artists were supposed to come for the festival in 2020 but for obvious reasons the festival was cancelled, and there was no festival in 2021. This is the first time in two years that the current stars of flamenco return to London.

As always, the line-up is impressive, it includes many established artists but also provides opportunity for the lesser known to present their work in the UK.

I leave here the list of artists and shows with links that take you to the website of Sadler’s Wells where you can read more about the shows and can get your tickets (no affiliation marketing, just links to Sadler’s Wells sites).

Flamenco Festival in Sadler’s Wells

Manuel Liñan – ¡VIVA!

Compañía Ana Morales – Without Permission, Songs for Silence

En compañía: Daniel Ramos & Victor Martín

Gala Fiesta de la bulería de Jerez

Estrella Morente – In Concert

Compañía Jesús Carmona – The Jump

Tomatito – In Concert

Paula Comitre – Residency Sharing

Compañía María Pages – An Ode to Time

El Yiyo y su troupe

Rocío Marquez & Bronquio – Third Heaven

Los Volubles – Flamenco is not a crime

The Flamenco Festival is always a great opportunity to see some of today’s best flamenco artists and the rising stars in London, so see you in the summer at Sadler’s Wells? I will be there.

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