30 November – A month of flamenco

The note says: “Viki, the stork made a mistake and instead of delivering to Jerez, it went to Hungary”.

(According to European folklore, storks bring the new born babies to the new parents.)

Thank you so much to my sister-in-law, Candela. This is the kindest note I have ever received.

I have to say though, the stork hasn’t made a mistake. I come from the land of Bartók and Kodály, and couldn’t be prouder of my cultural and musical background.

Thanks to my wonderful parents, I was able to study and thanks to the European Union I was able to travel and discover other European countries and cultures.

Today, in a global and digital world, here I am, writing a blog about flamenco, proving it is possible to learn new rhythms, to mix cultures and to share this experience globally. Nothing shows it better than the list of countries I have visits from. Starting from Australia, to Burkina Faso, United States, China, Brasil and the Netherlands (and the list goes on…).

The language of music is indeed universal.

Let’s celebrate music.
Let’s celebrate flamenco.

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