Flamenco On-line

2020, the year of Covid-19.

During the first half of the year, we heard so much about the corona virus, I prefer not to talk about it anymore. However, it is impossible to ignore or deny the effects and consequences of the world pandemic, which – of course – have affected flamenco too.

History shows that in times of crises, the most vulnerable are the hardest hit. Unfortunately, in the current crisis the same applied: art and culture were one of the areas most adversely affected.

There are incredible people out there though who are able to re-invent themselves and look for solutions when no solutions seem to be available.

Bringing shows, performances and art in general online is one of these solutions.

Is it the same or at least similar experience watching a dance show or a theatre act on tv than watching it live? Of course it’s not. But it helps art and artists survive and provides us with entertainment and “food” for our souls when we most need it.

One of these initiatives is #flamencodesofa, an online flamenco festival. Throughout June and July, each week, they have one show of one flamenco artist available for streaming for seven days. And it’s free!

The “watch & donate” line doesn’t disappear from the bottom of the screen during the entire show which can be disturbing at times, but one should remember the difficulties artists are currently facing due to the pandemic – theatres are closed, festivals are cancelled – and if you can, please DONATE.

Art & culture need enhanced support to go on, and I feel it cannot be emphasised enough.

Yesterday Anto and I watched Aviso: Baile de Jitanos, the first solo show of the dancer, Choro Molina. Although the sound of the recording was not perfect, it was wonderful to see flamenco again after (what feels like long) months. The show is incredible because it is simple, not pretentious, has no special effects, just dance and music. Antonio, El Choro is accompanied by Gema Moneo on the dance floor and artists like Jesús Corbacho singing and Jesús Guerrero on the guitar.

I recommend you all take a look at the website, check out the shows and support the artists by donating, until better times return and we can visit theatres and festivals again and enjoy the magic of live performance!