Adiós Casa Patas

Covid-19 has re-shaped the world we know; and even today, we don’t really know what this new world is going to look like. What we know is that the unimaginable started to happen. For example, Casa Patas closing its doors forever, or to be more precise never opening them again.

During the lockdown all flamenco tablaos had to close in Madrid, and unfortunately not all will open again.

Casa Patas has been one of Madrid’s most emblematic tablaos over the past 37 years. Located in the centre of Madrid, it’s been a meeting point for flamenco artists and aficionados, and a reference point in the world of flamenco.

The sad news of the tavern-restaurant/flamenco tablao not opening again has been rumoured among flamencos for a while, but it has now been confirmed. Only the part of the foundation that organises master classes continues, and will re-start the classes in line with the re-opening of Madrid.

It’s always sad when something disappears, even though, disappearing  forms part of the natural life cycle. But Casa Patas disappearing now, is not the result of the natural life cycle. It is the consequence of the coronavirus related shutdown, that affected above all art and culture.

Art and culture need more support to go on, because without them, the world that is being shaped now, will be a place inferior to the one we used to know.

Let’s support art, artists and everyone who represent culture. In times of crisis, more than ever.