Leonor Leal & Guridi: Dance

If only all requests came true like this… I asked my in-laws, Antonio and Begoña to get the new book of Leonor Leal & Raúl Guridi: “Bailar” (‘Dance’), and two weeks later here I am, sitting in my living room with the book in my hands. Thank you so much!

Earlier this year, I saw publications on social media about Leonor’s new book, but I didn’t have any idea what type of book it was. As her first book was a tale for children, I assumed this may be along the same lines, but I was pleasantly surprised that it’s something different.

This book is rather …

… an ode to dance…

… in form of poetry…

… with beautiful illustrations.

It seems impossible to me to share parts of the poetry without sharing it all, because the rhythm and dynamics of the text flow through the entire book, which you either share it, or you don’t. With the idea of leaving something to mystery, I decided not to share any of it.

However, I do want to share some of the images to give you a taste of the beauty of this book. Illustrations that match the content so thoughtfully; they lift you up and take you down, make you dance page after page.

A hymn about dance by a dancer.

What makes the book stand out, is that she doesn’t only talk about herself but she opens the space to others too.  This is inclusion.

I am amazed how simple a book can be, and despite, or hence (!) so beautiful and inspiring. It transmits emotions, takes you on a journey to the world of dance through the experience of a dancer, who is able to share her love and passion and pass it on to others.

Leonor, Raúl, congratulations!

“Bailar” (‘Dance’) is the beautiful product of your creativity.


Below are some of the illustrations by Raúl Guridi: