29 February


The day when this adventure started.

Easy to remember: 29 February 2008, leap year.

The day when I moved to Spain because I was head-over heels in love, and despite logic or common sense, I moved; making one of those one-off big decisions of life.

Has it changed everything? Well, it definitely has changed my life path, and I am lucky to have gained multiple loves in my new life.

First of all, my love with anto. A friendship that turned into love and an adventure that turned into a decade together. We have become a family, built a life abroad, and who knows what the future may still bring.

Secondly, my love with anto’s family. The big Spanish family that I thought only existed in films. They welcomed me with open arms even when we didn’t speak the same language and made me feel part of their family, their home and their culture.

Thirdly, my love with anto’s friends, who have become my friends over the years. I spent the latter half of my twenties and the first half of my thirties with them, split between London and Spain, in parties, in lunches and in conversation. They have treated me as one of them and formed the person who I am today.

And at last, but not least, my love for flamenco. Music that I got to know thanks to anto. Music that opened me, my ears and my soul, and taught me how to laugh and cry through the language of flamenco melody and rhythm. Music that touches the deepest corner of the heart and connects people from different backgrounds and cultures.

So here it goes to anto, our family and our friends: a song dedicated to you from Camarón de la Isla: ‘Yo vivo enamorao’ (“I live in love”), because my flamenco adventure started with Camarón, and he sings:

“I live in love and your kisses are the source of my thoughts”. Listen to the song here.

Thank you all. Os quiero.


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