Sara Baras – Sombras

Finally, the London Flamenco Festival has started!

Who else could be the first artist to perform on the festival, than the internationally celebrated and known, Sara Baras.

3rd of July, was her second day of performance out of the six. She and her show ‘Sombras’ (Shadows) occupies the first half of the festival. Sara Baras, the “showman”.

I haven’t seen her for years, but she hasn’t changed much. She still has the same smile, young and fresh. She still has that cheekiness of the south of Spain; she plays on stage with the public, winking, joking, throwing kisses, involving the audience fully.

Her shows haven’t changed much either. She still loves playing with lights, colours and her dresses. She still brings many musicians, I was happy to hear live for the first time Rubio de Pruna and Israel Fernández (and what hair, wow), but also saw some new faces I didn’t know, together with some new instruments I didn’t expect!

The footwork of Sara is still fast and impressive, but too much for my taste. Technique is not all, the heart has to be there. And I’m sure she puts all her heart in her shows, but it must be difficult (if not impossible) to give the same each and every night over a week.

The game with light and shadow, sound and silence, and the stage design are definitely still her strengths! Just like the musicians she has with her; beautiful solos from the percussionists and the saxophonist!

Unbelievable for me to realise how her arms can be recognised from a million. Always the same, strong, straight, moving up and up and up. Missing the soul though. Interesting how the arms of María Pages and Sara Baras are so different, yet so recognisable both.

The mariana “Yo vengo de Hungría” is dear to my heart for obvious reasons (I’m Hungarian!), so was nice to hear parts of it in the show! And always nice to find little hints and gestures to artists like Paco de Lucía and Enrique Morente.

But the best of all, is that my friend Mirawa came with me, and I got to show a little piece of flamenco to someone new!

Someone who didn’t know flamenco before.

Someone, who still has the entire world of flamenco ahead of her to discover.

Lucky her!

The festival continues and I will be back with more updates soon…

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