“The rock star of flamenco” visits London

I have seen him dance two or three times, and my first thought has always been: what is this? What is this guy doing? Madness. Art. Magic. A bit of each probably, but with flamenco present in each and every step and movement. He breathes flamenco through every tiny piece of his body, and it’s so intense, it’s inspiring.

Throughout his career, he has constantly been taking flamenco dancing to another level not only within flamenco, but also in the international dance scene. He has been working with the most traditional flamenco singers and guitarists, combining that side of the traditional flamenco with his innovations and inventions, carrying the flamenco roots deep within.

if you are in for a shock and amusement at the end of April in London, go and see the master of flamenco basics and innovation. The combination that won’t leave you indifferent.

Israel Galván

Sadler’s Wells

27/28 April 2019

Teaser videos and a short article is available on the Sadler’s Wells blog here.


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