Festival de Jerez – the festival of your dreams

“The festival of your dreams

is waiting for you in Jerez,

and so I tell you singing,

olé with olé and olé!”

The motto of the Festival de Jerez.

‘El festival de tus sueños, aquí te espera en Jerez, y yo te digo cantando, olé con olé y olé!’

I am Hungarian; I live in London; and still, when the Festival de Jerez starts, I feel a buzz inside, as if I lived on the main street of Jerez!

Whenever the Festival de Jerez (or as a matter of fact, the Bienal of Seville) are on, I have this feeling, and I love it. My social media is on fire: videos, photos, interviews and articles are published non-stop. Without being there, I feel the buzz, the excitement, the nervousness of the flamenco world through the world wide web. During the two weeks of the festival, the city is full of concerts and events, flamenco tourists fill up the courses, the streets, the bars, and artists come from all over Spain to perform and share their newest ideas, creations with the eager public.

The photographer Toni Blanco Soriano captured one of my moments at the festival, when I was desperately trying to follow the steps dreamed by Inma Aguilar for all of us at her dance course. Remember, those good old times, when I still had time and money… and now I also have to add, long hair…ha!

Unforgettable moments I had at the festival in 2013 and as José de la Tomasa very well said at this year’s opening ceremony: if someone likes flamenco, they must visit the festival to feel and live the true flamenco in one of its cradles!


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Instagram – @festivaldejerez

Twitter – @festivaldejerez





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