First I found notes on the community wall in English, then we met by the lift, chatted a few times, and soon after, we were having a coffee or beer together every afternoon. In the mornings I was doing my internship, in the afternoons I was supposed to be writing my thesis to finish my degree, so I had plenty of time…

She told me about Derby, the university she used to work for, how she moved to Budapest after she retired and her son got married to a Hungarian girl. I even remember when Luna was born. We talked a lot about Millie and Ebony, her beloved dogs; how she was learning Hungarian and trying to find her place in a new life. Oh and her delicious shepherd’s pie…

My friend, Jean.

I only realise now how we belong to different generations and although I believe death is part of nature, the news deeply shocks me.

I say goodbye with flamenco, with a tribute from one great flamenco singer, El Torta to another one, Luis de Pica. Interesting how the tribute is not a sad toned song but a tango, full of rhythm and life. This is also how I want to remember my friend.

Jean, good-bye.

Journey to heaven   (‘Viaje al cielo’)